About Authors

The main authors of this site are David Rusk, Douglas Barnes, and Tod Lindberg.

David Rusk was mayor of Albuquerque, now the USA’s 32nd largest city. By comparison, Washington, DC is the USA's 24th largest city. Over the past two decades, he has written four books and many articles on urban policy and consulted in 120 metropolitan areas. David Rusk is the general editor of the Tales from Buzzard Point series featuring fictional stories about the home of DC United. 

Douglas Barnes has spent 25 years as a socio-economic impact evaluation specialist for major infrastructure projects at the World Bank and has written six books, dozens of major reports, and an extensive number of articles on household energy access in developing countries. He writes widely on energy issues that can be found on the website Energy for Development. He also writes about bicycling, energy, environment, and other topics on DougBarnesAuthor.com. He is the technical editor for Tales from Buzzard Point.

Tod Lindberg for years was a research fellow in the Washington office of Stanford University's Hoover Institution. Today he is a Senior Fellow at Hudson Institute specializing in national security issues and the role of U.S. leadership. He writes widely on U.S. foreign policy and national security, as well as on American politics and philosophical topics. He has been a journalist, editor, and public affairs commentator in DC for 30 years. In Tales from Buzzard Point, he is the author of The Buzzard.